Your Training Courses:



This module looks at learning about confidential information through a variety of activities and case studies. This module also looks at being entrusted with sensitive information relating to health and other personal matters by service users.



The module looks at the topic of consent and the importance of establishing consent prior to carrying out an activity or action.



This module looks at the main ways that people can be discriminated against. This module also looks at how to promote equality and inclusion in the work setting and how to deal with the challenges of promoting it.

Handling Information


This module looks at helping you to understand you role and responsibilities in promoting best practices in the recording, storing and sharing of information.

Infection Prevention and Control Course


Infection prevention and control is vital in every healthcare environment. NHS England statistics estimate that around 300,000 patients contract a healthcare-associated infection (HCAI) while staying in hospital in the UK each year.

Contracting a HCAI can make an individual's prognosis much worse, costing the already overstretched health service more in terms of finances and resources, and potentially even threatening a patient's life.

Respiratory, urinary tract and surgical site infections are the most common form of HCAIs, but their risks can be lowered significantly with rigorous infection prevention and control measures, and good hygiene practice.

Reducing the Spread of Infection


This module looks at the reasonable steps to take to be protected from infection.